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Hi students! I received my Masters Degree from APSU. I have traveled overseas for 7 years visiting and exploring different cultures and languages. I am originally from Miami Florida and I have lived in Spain, Germany and Panama. I am looking forward to passing on the Spanish traditions and cultures of these countries sharing my experiences with the students. I hope you enjoy learning this rich language and understand the importance of learning another language. This is my 14th year at Northeast High School. It is great to be an eagle.
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Course Objectives: The student should be able to…

Express greetings, likes and dislikes, give simple descriptions, and talk about their daily routines.

Follow standards of Spanish grammar such as punctuation, capitalization, adjective and noun agreement, subject and verb agreement, and word order.

Identify cognates (words that are similar to English words) and use reading strategies such as context clues, visuals, and prior knowledge to read short texts.

 Exchange information about themselves, their schedule, their interests, their families and friends, food, clothes, and other various topics in a conversation.

 Understand short dialogs, directions, or videos in Spanish and be able to synthesize the information. 

Write paragraphs, dialogs, and skits in Spanish on a variety of topics.

Describe cultural activities and perspective of the Spanish culture.

Students will have plenty of time in class to complete assignments, however, if a student does not complete it during class time, the student will finish at home and turn it in the next day. 

Students will be given outside projects which will require them to have supplies and possibly work in groups. 

Spanish is exciting and challenging. I look forward to a fabulous year. 


This class requires your active participation.

MANDATORY Materials:

                                            EXPO MARKERS (for whiteboard activities)

                                           Colored Pencils

                                           COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK ONLY  College ruled for notes and a POCKET FOLDER for handouts.

                                             Loose leaf paper for bellringers

                                             Pencils/ Pens

                                           GLUE STICKS/scissors



Overview of the Course:

This is a first semester beginning level course that will introduce the student to a variety of areas of language. In this course, the student will learn Spanish skills relating to listening, speaking, reading and writing through various interactive activities online and in class. Throughout the 4 units included in the course (Greetings, The Date, Weather, Time, and Colors), students will learn to express themselves using an increasing vocabulary, present-tense verbs, articles and adjectives. Culture from various Latin American countries is also incorporated into the course to help the student learn about the Spanish speaking world and their people, geographical locations and histories.

 Homework:  You will be able to work on work during class time. If you do not finish, you will take it home to complete. Late homework will not be accepted.

Absences: It is your responsibility to make up any missing work. *If you are absent on a review day, this does not excuse you from a test or quiz. You will take the test the day it is given. I give about a week notice on upcoming tests. If you are absent for a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to make it up.

Notebook checks: Students will present notebook to the teacher for a grade. All students are responsible for bringing notebook to class every meeting day.

ALL WORK WILL BE POSTED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM If you are absent a day, you know what you have missed and are able to make it up. Google classroom codes are on the board as well as below. Write it down for your class period.

Period 1:  ed5rdit

Period 2:   2gngzwu

Period 3:  k6rf2qo

Period 4:   4ik3ci4

Period 5:  6r2yw7m

Period 7:  hiv3qx2


All student handbook rules apply to our class.


  • Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  • Work quietly
  • Absolutely no cell phones or earbuds of any kind
  • Be respectful of everyone
  • NO food or drinks (only water)


Tutoring: To be determined.  If you do not understand the material from early on, do not wait until last minute to attend.

Getting Started: When the bell rings, you should be in your seat and ready to begin working on the bell ringer which will be posted on the board every day and turned in on Fridays for a grade. There is no reason that it should not be completed. If homework is due, it should be out on your desk ready to pass up. REMEMBER, HOMEWORK IS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS.

NOTE:  Computers will be not be used unless I tell you otherwise.

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