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Good day parents and students,
My name is Kristi Chaidez. My journey to become a Special Education Teacher was a long one however, I received my Teaching Licence on 1/3/2020. I believe that every student can learn when provided the best learning environment that meets their educational needs. My classroom is a place where students can get the supports they need to become productive members of society once their high school journey has come to an end. Please contact me at the provided contact information for any questions or concerns. Have a fantastic day.
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Classroom Rules and Consequences

            The classroom rules encompass the three main themes that the student can use in all aspects of life (the three R’s): Respect, Responsibility, and Reach.

                        Respect will focus on how the students will show respect towards their peers, adults, and materials. They will speak with kindness while expressing their needs or concerns using an inside voice volume. They will support each other on their educational journey. They will use classroom and personal materials in an appropriate manner and will appropriately ask for assistance when needed. They will show respect to their peers’ workspace by allowing them the personal space needed to complete tasks. They will honor our peaceful learning environment by keeping all talking to a level of concentration (a dull whisper). 

                        Responsibility will focus on ways the students can keep track of their educational goals, discover new ways to improve their academics and apply those methods. The students will come prepared to class and ready to work. They will gather all the materials necessary to complete lessons in an orderly fashion. They will maintain a clean work area and return all materials to the proper place. At the end of each day, the students will check all work areas to evaluate if it is ready for the next day of learning.

                        Reach will focus on ways to engage students on mastering their daily educational goals. They will honor the process of learning by taking the time to fully grasp the concepts. They will be active members in their IEP process. They will pursue career options that interest them and discover support systems that they need to help them live an independent life once they have completed High School.

            The consequences are simple in this classroom: Any nonviolent actions that do not support the three R’s in the classroom will be dealt with on an individual basis. I will hold a private conference with the student(s) to determine how I can meet his/her needs after an incident occurs. Violent disruptions, such as throwing materials or fighting, will result in the removal of the student into a peaceful area or to the office. Once the student has calmed, we will have a discussion on appropriate behavior and how to express anger/frustration in a positive and appropriate manner. The overall goal is to create a peaceful environment where the students can work independently and can be responsible for their own actions. This is an important life skill that will prepare them to become productive members in society.

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